Black Box: Video, Poetry & Environment.

Mangrove Arts Foundation is proud to present the latest Boys’ Quarters Project Space exhibition, Black Box: Video, Poetry & Environment. The show features a trio of videos by three incredible global contemporary art voices: Kader Attia, Allora & Calzadilla and John Akomfrah. Mesmeric and poetic films that are in conversation with the idea of environment, environmentalism and landscape. We are also delighted to be presenting a dramatic takeover of the reading room by reknown Port Harcourt-based international artist, Diseye Tantua. The show opened March 31st 2018 at the Boys' Quarters space in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The Black Box* of the title refers to many things not least the way we have transformed Boys’ Quarters white cube space into a black one. A darkened room is an ideal space to show video though it is by no means the only way to experience video art. But the black cube elevates our internal machinations when confronted with art. Therefore this strategy was chosen to allow the internal landscape of each viewer to interact with the works with little distraction. And it is the internal landscape we at Boy’s Quarters continually seek to engage and transform.
Boys’ Quarters exists to explore the relationship between self and environment in radical ways and declare art to be the fundamental medium with which to explore this relationship. We understand that environmentalism means more than simply dealing with oil pollution, plastic detritus or melting ice caps and are seeking to uncover and establish deeper intersectional ecological truths that reveal how we are truly embedded in this world. These four works of art presented in Black Box come together to help us navigate this complex terrain. The works exhibited attempt to straddle the local and the international and encourage the definition of environmentalism from the perspective of the global south.

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